The Dream Project

The dream project started years ago in my heart when I realized the power of words. At a young age, I understood that words could be what lifted someone up or tore them down. I remember being teased as a child and telling myself, "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt". But that didn't stop me from crying myself to sleep over the painful things I was called.

The summer after my fourteen birthday, I spent my time volunteering a local hospital. My main job was to sort mail and flowers into different sections of the hospital and then hand deliver them to all the sick patients. As I opened the door to deliver each letter, I will never forget their face expressions. The card, letter, or flowers I handed over to them were filled with words of love, encouragement, hope, and inspiration. Those words gave them strengthen to keep on fighting, hoping, and cherishing every moment they were given. I realized then that positive words could change hearts and lives. I spent the last 12 years writing cards, sending kind emails, and mailing small gifts to others because I grasped the power they could have. I understood that sometimes our words are what the person needs to hear in order to get back up, to keep on fighting, and to chase after their dreams.

What is the dream project:
The dream project is really quite simple. It's about spreading kindness and hope, and leaving things better than you found them. It's about offering a helping hand to a stranger. It's about living out changes you want to see in your community. It's about chasing your dreams and helping others' chase theirs along the way. It's about believing in yourself and others, and standing up for what's right.

The dream project is about:

kind words,
celebrating life,
spreading encouragement,
loving people well,
lifting one another up,
finding hope,
failing and then getting back up again,
never giving up,
and chasing dreams.

Who is the dream project for:
The dream project is for everyone. It's for me, for you, for her, for him, for them. It's about your best friend, your neighbor, the stranger in the supermarket.

How can I get involved:
All you need for the dream project is a piece of paper, an old receipt, an index card, a post-it note, etc. and a writing utensil. Write down a quote, an inspiring word, a message of hope. Post it on your locker, a magazine cover, leave in on a table, put it on a mirror in the dressing room at target. You get the idea! Take a picture of your words and email it to They'll be used in future blog posts to encourage others.

This is just the beginning. Will you join me?