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November 1, 2011

WIWW: Hello New Hair

This past weekend I was away in Pennysvlania attending the Relevant11 conference, which was very much needed. While I was there, my sweet friend, helped me dye my hair. Actually, she did all the work while I squirmed and wiggled around anxiously. I'm not a risk taker in the least, so this was far from my comfort zone. Thankfully, she could read it all over my face, and was gracious enough to walk me through the whole process. And guess what? I was SO happy with the end result!

dress: mini boden
new hair: loreal and gussy

I spent the last two days resting up and processing the weekend. I caught up on emails and orders and had a little down time for myself. I have been loving my new hair, far more than I thought I would. It's added a little extra skip to my step, and given me a boost of confidence.

Sweater wrap: J. Crew
Skinny Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft
Ruffle Top and Bow Shoes: Target

Hello new hair, boy do I love you! 

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  1. It turned out so cute Carrie!! I love it!! You are adorable. PS I want those shoes!

  2. You are so stinking cute. Seriously. I should just copy and paste my comments each week, because I'm pretty sure I say the same thing! haha! Love your new hair. Welcome to the 'dark' side. tee hee The darker color is great on you!

  3. Cute ruffled top with the matching yellow shoes!
    What color was your hair before? I'm new here...

  4. you are adorable. inside and out.

  5. I love your shoes!! And now I'm off to find a 'before' picture of your fabulous hair! :-) Visiting from WIWW.

  6. I like your 'before' hair, but I totally love your 'now' hair... great choice for fall! :-)

  7. I totally love the second outfit! The pops of yellow and those shoes! Adorable!

  8. Your hair looks fabulous, I'm the same non risk taker and haven't really dyed my hair apart from wash out highlights as a teenager. Your risk turned out really well though.

    I LOVE those yellow shoes too, I like to have a little bit of colour like that at such a grey dark time of year, I'll keep my eye out for something similar.

    Have a fabulous weekend!