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March 27, 2012

What I Wore:Feeling Blue

I've been feeling off. It crept up on me slowly and has lingered long that I expected.

Maybe its the bad news of death of people I knew.

Perhaps its the thunder storm that lasted all of Saturday causing me to sit inside and become restless.

Or the fact that I haven't built enough margins into my life. That I haven't learned that sometimes its okay to say no because saying no to a few things will free me up to say yes to better things later.

Maybe its the tiredness that has taken over my body full-force. The travel I did in Feburary and March was exhausting and I still find myself cat-napping from time to time to catch up on all the sleep my body lost.

It could even be the lack of free time I give myself. It seems like I'm always on the go with little time for physical or mental downtime.

Maybe its the mysterious pain in my stomach that has lingered on since the start of the year.

Perhaps its the start of butterflies over the next conference around the corner.

But rather than feel sorry for myself, I'm going to choose joy.

I'll celebrate the trips I got to take, and the friendship I make along the way.

I'll remind myself that rest is just as important as work hard.

That sometimes we all need a break.

That life is short, really short. I'll give as many hugs as I can get, say I love you and mean it, and celebrate every moment that is given to me!



  1. adorable outfit! LOVE the blue cardigan with the matching shoes! Great spring look.

  2. I love the outfit, the colour is great and looks super cute on you.

  3. Love the beautiful bright color! Even if you are tired, you don't look it at all! Bright smile and all.

  4. You're adorable! I pray that today is a better day. xoxo

  5. I know the exact feelings you're talking about. And it really does become a choice at some point to feel better about everything and be joyful! Not to say that's an easy task by any means... just wanted to let you know I'm right there with you.

  6. i love that outfit! the blue is fab on you!

  7. I just recently found your blog and I am already in love with it! I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a pretty BIG shout out on my blog today. Come check it out if you have the time! Happy almost Friday!

  8. Your blog is super cute...just like you. Love your bright colors and honesty. Too fun, I will have to pop in often. I'm your newest follower. :o)
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