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April 17, 2012

A Local Meet-up

In February, my friend Kate and I flew out to Nashville for the Blissdom conference. We were both so encouraged and inspired by the entire conference that we started to brainstorm some fun ideas for our own blogs/businesses as well as things we could do together. The one thing I loved about Blissdom was the encouraging community that we saw there. Kate and I started to put our heads together and talked about having a small local meet-up for the chance to connect with bloggers near us. We had originally thought we'd have about ~5 people attend and were planning on hosting it in the corner of Starbucks or Panera, and we even discussed hosting a small craft activity in a local park! {not kidding!}

We quickly got Kate's amazing sister, Lauren, on board and started to plan our mini meet-up. We were incredibly blown away the response and were sad that we were unable to host an event large enough to meet the response level. Once we realized it was going to be large enough to fill an entire Starbucks, we knew we'd have to find a great location. I got an email from Kate a few days later explaining that she had talked to the owner of Benelux, an amazing little cafe. I was pretty much sold on it after she mentioned that they sold waffles. I had never been there before, but I was dying over the cuteness when I first arrived. 

Honestly, I felt like the meet-up flew by. I got to meet so many wonderful bloggers in the area and had so much fun chatting up a storm. Kate, Lauren, and I all shared little tidbits about our blogs, our hearts behind them, and things we've learned along the way. I am so looking forward to connecting more with them through their blogs.

We made these fun gifts to give all the bloggers as a thank you for attending. 

Aren't all these bloggers just so adorable?

We hope to host more local meet-ups in the future and build a community of bloggers in our city!


  1. wow that's amazing, carrie! you all are so fashionable and cute to boot! i may have been too shy to do something like that.
    i'll hook you up with some swag next time, from my shop. :-)

  2. I found your blog from The Small Things Blog. I love your dress! Where did you get it?!

  3. Carrie, I enjoyed our chat! Thank you so much for organizing the blog meet-up. I had a wonderful time and walked away so encouraged and energized. Just read your blog on saying your dreams out here of my biggest, far fetched + scary dreams is to write a bestseller...preferably a biography on someone who has lived this life well. There, I said it. :) Hope to see you again soon. And I'm thinking about Blissdom for 2013! (Christy Knutson}