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April 30, 2012

Oh Snap! A Recap

So I have a confession to make: I really should of written this post last week! I came back from Snap over a week ago and have been doing a lot of processing. Most of the conferences I've attended, I've come back with amazing inspiration and a go-getter attitude, and immediately put things into practice. Snap conference was amazing in so many different ways, but more than anything it did a number on my heart.

I arrived back to North Carolina late Sunday night with unbelievable bags under my eyes, pure exhaustion, but a full heart. And I took all of last week to process the experience, to relive in the hugs, the laughter, the late night chats.

I successfully managed to cram as much as possible, still check my bag, and survived all four flights in one piece.

My beautiful wednesday night roomies and I got to chat a lot, explore the city, and got excited about waking up for Snap conference! I bought a dress at Gymboree (yes, I know that's a child's store) and they helped me cut it into a shirt. It was a craft conference after all, right?

Nothing beats laughter and hugs than getting together with girls who have similar passions as me.

The sessions were amazing and I learned a lot from the many speakers!

I got to meet my sweet mentor in real life and she was every bit amazing as I thought she would be and then some! 

If the bags under my eyes could of talked they would of told you the stories of all the unstoppable laugher and love that outpoured from our room. I felt like my roomies, our suitemates, and all the other sweet girls who can to our room, made me feel so grateful for the experience.

When I got back from Snap, my heart felt so full and heavy at the same time. I feel like Snap challenged me to figure out what it means to live out "just be you" in the flesh. Honestly, it couldn't of come at a better time, and boy did it stretch and grow my heart. This week I'm putting some practical things into practice such as creating an encouragement board in my room, so that I can do a better job of being intentional to love people well!


  1. I love your blog!! We should follow each other -

  2. Oh my gosh. I love what you did with thy Gymboree dress. I am going to look at that store with new eyes. You have inspired me.