May 4, 2012

5 Things to Be Happy About

This week has been both fun yet absolutely chaotic as I have a bunch of big projects on my plate.

1. I took a little time off to take a big breath and remembered what it felt like to be a kid. Who knew swinging could be so much fun!

2. I was away in Utah for my birthday, so it seems like the celebration here have yet to end. Although it seems a little silly to celebrate it when its already a different month. Regardless, I've loved getting to eat so many cupcakes!

3. I got an adorable pink and green (surprise, surprise) beach bag from my big sister. It has made me so excited about the thought that summer is just around the corner.

4. My sweet friend Kate won a contest and had a nail polish designed after her mood board. I ordered some and its such a pretty color. I can't wait to paint my nails!

5. It's been amazing to watch a dream come to life and be in the flesh. I'm hoping to launch the start of my dress line on Monday, and I'll be ask you to jump on board with that dream! I can't wait!!


  1. so fun! excited to see your exciting projects and dreams come into fruition. you are a wonderful soul and i love you to pieces!

  2. My birthday was on Sunday! Eating cupcakes is the best part :) You are such an inspiration to follow your dreams!

  3. I just found your blog on "High Five for Friday"'re so cute! Those cupcakes look delish. Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Love those polka-dot shoes! Have a great weekend!


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