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July 20, 2012

5 Things to be Happy About

1. Our neighbors cat has progressively been coming around our front porch more and more. I suppose this is what happens when you feel someone else's cat. I think it might think we're its owner being that it lays at the bottom of our stairs and purrs when we come outside.

2. I got to see Kate and Lauren this week as we are working on planning another blog meeting up! Stay tuned as details will be forthcoming!

3. I babysat the other evening for a family that just adopted a 6 week old kitten. Needless to say, I was in heaven. The little guy fell asleep on me during movie time.

4. I had a bittersweet goodbye dinner for one of the girls in my life group. We all have been a community together for years, so its been bittersweet as some of them have gone onto other jobs and adventures in different states.

5. I saw the Katy Perry 3D movie and absolutely loved it. There were lots of inspiration parts, and I love hearing people's backstories. I feel like we can get deceived into thinking people are overnight successes when we don't see how the heartache and rejection they experience behind the scenes.


  1. OH, yea, another blogger meet up! Last time was very fun.

  2. another blogger meet up, i want to go!!!! :)

  3. blogger meet-up oooh yeah. i'm there.

  4. I, too, loved the movie! I feel like God is still working on her heart. I caught a glimpse every now and again. It was a great reminder to pray for those in the spotlight! God could/can do amazing things with them!