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October 12, 2012

You Can't do this Alone

I think one of the most important things about chasing dreams is that you need cheerleaders to support you along the way. While it is possible to chase dreams without support {not recommended}, having the support makes the harder times a little easier and celebratory moments that much more joyous!

I seriously could not of gotten to where I am now without all the support and love of so many cheerleaders; being family and friends, in my life. They helped point me in the right direction, picked me up when I fell, and encouraged me to push through despite any failures. They also spoke wisdom, truth in love, and gave endless advice for which I am eternally grateful. In many ways, it is the heart behind why I do a "creating community link-up" because I feel like community is so important to dream chasing. So many of us are on similar paths but with different end goals. There is nothing more beautiful than us grabbing hands and walking these paths together.

My favorite example of being a "cheerleader" is Aly Raisman's parents during the Olympics. The youtube video below shows them anxiously squirming around in their seats as their daughter competes. While the video is hilarious to watch, it is also such a reminder of what it looks like to have a good support system. You can see that their hearts are living outside their body as they can both barely stand to watch, yet can't seem to take their eyes of their daughter. If you listen closer you can hear Aly's mom speaking encouragingly as she watches; which warms my heart to no end!


  1. I've seen that video before! I can't imagine how nervous they were too!!

  2. Yeah that video makes me cringe right along with them! haha

  3. it's so true - I've always believed that any legitimate dream of mine would be confirmed through other people, and that's how I'd know it was right :) it's good to be reminded of that.