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November 7, 2012

Life Lately

Things have been rather crazy around here, and my blog hasn't seemed to publish what I've been writing! Crossing my fingers that this post goes live without any problems! I kind of feel like I've been running around with my head cut off, but surprisingly I've managed to have a whole lot of fun in the mix.

Kate and Lauren had been mentioning going to a corn maze for awhile now and invited me to join along in the fun. Now keep in mind, in my head I had planned for a fun time running through a corn maze. No big deal, right? Wrong. They decided it'd be fun to go to a haunted house/corn maze. I'll be the first to tell you that I don't do horror of any sorts as in I don't think I've ever seen a scary movie in my life. In fact, the tv show Revenge is about as far as I'll venture down that road.

Kate sent me this text message and after the events of the night I really wish I had listened...

Needless to say I wore pink! 

We were heading through our last haunted corn maze in which I had little to no bravery left. But really who would after having men chase them with chainsaws?! As we are rounding the first corner, I see a creepy clown out of the corner of my eye and then this happened..

Clown: hey, whose that in the pink?
Lauren: here name is Carrie!

And then he proceeded to chase me me whispering, "psst, carrie"

I pretty much wanted to crawl in the fetal position! Lets just say I won't be doing that anytime soon!

I also participated in the color run, which was a blast! I'm not a huge fan of getting that dirty but I absolutely loved it. If there is one if your city, I highly recommend doing it!


  1. Hahah what horrible friends! I can't believe they'd throw you under the bus that way. I've wanted to do a color run for the longest time now! So jealous Carrie!

  2. i've wanted to do the color run but it's been sold out by me! I hope I can some day!

  3. lol... so funny that you were warned not to wear Pink! That color run looks like so much fun. I will have to see if there is one in L.A.

  4. you are braver than i for going to the corn maze. for reals. that kind of stuff terrifies me! so glad i got to see you on tuesday! let's hang out again soon, k?