February 1, 2013

5 Things to be Happy About

1. I've been wearing my new Loft shoes and loving looking down and seeing how bright and cheerful there are.

2. I just sent off some bows to a model for a pink and green photo shoot. I'm anxiously awaiting the outcome!

3. It was 70 degrees earlier in the week and I just had to stop at TCBY for some white chocolate yogurt; so good.

4. Kate hosted an event at the Loft and it was a blast to see her and her sister Lauren.

5. I just recently discovered that Domino's has gluten free crust; so it was a treat to have something more on the junk food side of things since I've been eating most super healthy food on my diet.


  1. Those shoes are super cute! Jealous...


  2. That pizza look soooo good! OMG. I've been eating super healthy for the last 2 weeks or so...but perhaps a cheat is in order tonight. ;)

  3. Oh, and can't wait to see how the photo shoot turns out!!

  4. those shoes are so fun! and the pink and green bows are adorable!!

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