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July 29, 2014

Choosing Community

Community is truly a beautiful thing. It wraps her arms around you and makes you feel less alone. I was a shy kid growing up but somehow managed to become an extrovert in adulthood. It's been easy for me to meet new people, but sometimes digging deep into community is hard. I've discovered that its harder to find true community once you enter adulthood. 

I attended the Influence Conference two years ago because the depths of my heart were crying out for community. And the people I met were so good to my heart. I mean really, really good to my heart. There were late night chats and hugs for days. I walked away feeling lighter and stronger as a result. 

There is something to be said when you find "your people". You truly feel like you can take on the world because there are people supporting you and cheering you on from afar. And I truly believe that community offline and online are very possible. And if you choose to step into it, it'll change you for the better. 


  1. I TOTALLY agree that finding true community is harder as an adult! But thank you for the encouragement to keep trying.

  2. Some days, this consumes all of my thoughts - who are my people, who will really get me, who won't let me down? I'm so glad you found some of your peeps!

  3. I agree with you Carrie, community is a choice we have to make, which scares me even as an extrovert :) But it's worth it. I'm excited to meet you this year!

  4. Community is so important - and is something that I have been really craving lately. My husband and I recently moved, so it's been tough trying to navigate our new area and find people here that we connect with. I never realized how easy it was to meet people while in school - it's a very challenging part of adulthood, I think!