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November 15, 2011

Tea for Two

I opened my inbox this morning to discover these beautiful product photographs modeled by my new friend, Jillian. I immediately thought of my childhood and all of the pretend tea parties I had with my stuffed animals. I loved dressing up in plastic high heels and pearls and feeling quite fancy, elegant, and grown up. These photos definitely brought back a lot of sweet memories of many happy hours of playing dress up, pretending to be a princess, and giggling endlessly.


What are some of your favorite childhood memories? Share with us!  



  1. how cute is this :) i loved having tea parties when i was little i would pretend make little cookies and have parties with my share bear and other stuffed animals :)

  2. It is not a surprise to me at all that you loved to play tea with your faux heels and pearls. My favorite childhood memories involve my "pseudo family". We were at their house at least once a week for dinners and all the kids would run willy-nilly through the woods - build forts and swing from these huge tree vines ala Tarzan. I loved their big old wood stove and Kay's kitchen with a cookie jar always filled with cookies (her molasses were my favorite). Oh this makes me want to write a blog post about it....thanks for the inspiration!!