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November 16, 2011

WIWW: Hello New Glasses

This week I had all the intentions in the world of wearing some very fall-ish clothes. However, the weather had a mind of its own and decided to be well into the 70's this past week! So, I found myself digging through my closet to find spring dresses and ballet flats. And while I was digging around, I found a very forgotten beloved pair of flats.

I'm still getting used to my "new" hair color. While its not drastically different, its enough of a change for people to continually comment on it. And this past week, I picked up my new pair of glasses. I have had the same pair for about the past five years, and decided that it was finally time to spurge on a new pair. I used to only wear them in the early mornings and right before bed. But I am in love with these new glasses since they are oh so sassy. I've decided that I might start wearing them more often!

hello fun spring dress!

hello sassy new glasses!

 Hello fun sparkly shoes!

Dress & Sash: Target
Shoes: Rack Room


  1. Seriously adorable. Love the new glasses and that plum color makes the new hair pop! Such cute shoes. So Carrie. ;)

  2. ok im crazy about those shoes :)

  3. Hey girl!
    Love the glasses! I have those same shoes. Aren't they the best? Match with everything. Love that.

  4. love the glasses... i need to get me some new ones soon! and your shoes are so, so fun!

  5. You are just adorable! Love the glasses, love the dress, love the shoes!

  6. i just luv those shoes!! i really wish I had smaller feet :-( no mater what shoes I wear I never get that "cute" look

  7. Nice glasses you have there. Those shoes also looks fantastic.

    Sam Times

  8. You've got a sense of style when it comes to matching colors with your clothes. The combination is simple yet lovely, especially with your shoes and your glasses on.

    Vincent Davis