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December 14, 2011

Beautiful Grace

When people ask me the story behind my name of my business this is the story I always share with them:

I was born up north, yet given a fairly southern name at birth. As the doctors came to check on me, they each pronounced my name incorrectly. My sweet mother (bless her heart) did not want me to go through life being called the wrong name so when I was 11 days ago, she legally changed my name to….

Caroline Grace.

It means; beautiful grace.

I’d like to think my business found me, more than I found it. It came at time when I needed it the most. I was struggling, and it was my saving grace. It was something I was able to invest my whole heart and soul into. It gave me joy, peace, and healing, and it allowed me to create beautiful things. And the word beautiful stuck with me. When I thought about naming my hobby at the time, I had no idea where it would take me, or how it would change over time. So I gave it the name that was given to me 11 days into life. A name that I never use, never get called. While, I would have named it caroline grace in full, that business name was already taken. So I decided to shorten it to g with a period. When I look at it, my soul whispers grace back to me. Grace. Period. It reminds me that grace is all I need. Period.

As my business started to change, develop, grow….it led me to the world of blogs. And through that God began to open my eyes and show me beautiful grace in the little things. The little gifts that I have been given to me as a result of owning a business.

When the first blogger befriended me; God whispered beautiful grace.

To those who teach me it’s okay to ask for help when taking risks. Beautiful grace comforts my soul.

To my blog friends who have opened their homes up to me and welcomed me with gracious arms. Beautiful grace is on display.

To those who pick me up when I fall. Beautiful grace holds my hand and wipes my tears.

In seeing amazing women create conferences where my soul can breathe. Beautiful grace is alive in their spirits.

To the emails that reach way deep into my soul and speak truth back to me. Beautiful grace shines through their gentle, kind words.

To the fearless ones who share their stories unashamed, I am reminded about giving them beautiful grace.

To the dreamers who inspire, encourage, believe. My heart is moved by beautiful grace.

To those who challenge me, speak truth in love, and spur me on. Beautiful grace refines me.

In the brokenness and despair, beautiful grace dwells within a loving community.

In the coffee dates where I am comforted to be who God called me to be. God reminds me to live beautiful grace.

To the storytellers, the risk-takers, the believers in second chances and big dreams. My eyes see words of beautiful grace.

To the friends who remind me that my worth is not found in my possessions. Beautiful grace awaits me.

To those who point me back to where my hope lies. I redeemed by beautiful grace.

To the reminder that I am never alone. Beautiful grace walks alongside me.

Beautiful grace is with me always.



  1. This is so, so beautiful, Carrie! I know you've found beautiful grace in so many people you've met along the way, but we've found beautiful grace within you as well.

    Love you, my sweet friend!

  2. Oh, my goodness, sweet Carrie... I miss you. This is just a beautiful example of who God made you to be- a grace giver, and a beauty maker. I'm going to link to this on Friday...

  3. I love this blog post! It is so beautifully written and speaks directly to me. You are truly a breath of grace and fresh air friend. You are a blessing to me!

  4. this might be my favorite post of yours ever. period. :-)

  5. I LOVE this post. I'm thinking of you often friend!! xoxo

  6. beautiful words. beautiful you. beautiful caroline, carrie to me, grace.

  7. Oh friend. I'm so honored and grateful that I was blessed to be able to cross your path. You encourage me.

  8. You are such a beautiful person!
    Thinking of you always friend!

  9. This is BEAUTIFUL! Cute blog!

    much love, Kristina

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