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December 13, 2011

Sometimes you have to go back in order to go forward

As 2012 seems to be just around the corner, I've been doing a lot of thinking, reflecting, planning, and goal making. I am both grateful and humbled with how much my life has changed in just a matter of months. This time last year I was teaching and blissfully unaware of how much would change in a year. I stumbled across this picture from the end of last year and was smiling knowing that at that time year a ago year I couldn't have predicted any of 2011.

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cardigan: gap

The question that I get asks most often is do I regret ever becoming a teacher if I always had the craftiness and business side in me all along. And the answer is always no. I think it was extremely important for me to work for a boss, have coworkers, make work friends, learn, and grow. Every experience I had teaching was valuable, and I have been able to transfer what I learned there into my business.

The other day I ran into a former parent from my first year of year teaching, and she was able to speak some encouragement back to me. She told me how much happier I looked, that she saw a peace dwelling within me, and that quite frankly she thought I made the right choice to take a leap of faith with my business. Sometimes, its nice to have those concrete reminders, to keep walking in faith, keep trusting, and keep moving forward. 

This year has taken me on a journey that I never really expected to go on. It has challenged me, strengthened me, grown me, matured me, and blessed me immensely. It has taken me on trips I never dreamed on going. And I've met some of the most amazing people along the way, who have taught me some incredible lessons about life.

I found this picture as I was reflecting back on the year. The frame hangs in my office and its often something I have to say back to myself over and over. It reminds me that today is a gift, something that I should rejoice and celebrate over.

I am excited for 2012 and all the goals, plans, and hopes I have for myself. However, I am thankful for the little time I have at the end of this year to celebrate both my successes and my failures. Even in all my mistakes and downfalls this year has taught me more than I could ever imagine, which I will be eternally grateful for.



  1. I love that last photo. I never want to forget this gift. Sometimes it's harder to remember than others. You are such an encouragement.

  2. That there is the cutest picture ever and so true! Each day is a gift and it seems that you have grown in leaps and bounds this year with opportunities and challenges life has thrown you. I'm taking notes--I see big changes in store for my 2012--and bidding teaching a farewell for awhile is among my to do list--and I can smile about it now: )

  3. I love this post. That picture with the framed print is adorable and so meaningful. I hope that 2012 is wonderful for you. xoxo

  4. Did this person copy your writing?

    This year has taken me on a journey that I never really expected to go on. It has challenged, strengthened, matured and blessed me immensely.

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