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December 4, 2011

Day 3: Eat More Chicken

It is NO secret that I love Chickfila. I used to go there every once and awhile and then someone introduced me to their polynesian sauce, and I was officially hooked. Since, I work for myself, I occasionally treat myself to a meal out in order to take a break from sitting in my house all day long.

It had been a rough couple of days, so I decided that some comfort food was in order. As I got in the long drive-thru line, I peeked in my rearview mirror, and saw an older lady in the car behind me. I ordered my food and continued to look back at her. I don't know her story, her hurts, her dreams, or her heart. But I did know that I could buy her lunch and pass on the simple gift of love from a total stranger. As I've gone through each gift, I've had this mindset that I would be helping people. But in reality, its been changing and shaping my heart for the better.

My favorite part of this gift, was not actually paying for her meal, but more the experience. I love chickfila, not only for their food, but for their heart behind their service. They are about serving people, and about serving people well. This sweet cashier asked for my credit card, so I asked if I could pay for the lady behind me. Her response was an immediate yes. I want you to stop and think about this for a minute. When I gave a panera gift card, that woman's response was slightly shocked that I would give her something for free with no strings attached. However, the cashier at Chickfila, was not at all phased in the least bit by someone buying a stranger food. It gave me great comfort knowing that its so normed for people to buy other people's meals, and that the motto behind Chickfila is lived out by their customers that much.



  1. I love this Carrie. This is *precisely* why my family is a frequent visitor of our local Chic-fil-A....caring for the customer takes precedence to making the proverbial buck. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are a doll, Carrie and I bet you made that lady's day with such a kind gesture! I heart Chick-fil-a.