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April 3, 2012

Dancing in the Rain

I'm a dreamer, and I'm all about chasing after them. But every once and awhile {sometimes more often} the storms of life roll in and damper my spirits. It has been raining here a lot lately and as a result my spirits were down, my energy was low, and my motivation was at a standstill.

But in those moments, I remind myself that this is my chance to shine; or dance if you will. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain. So while I have gotten soaking wet, cold, and miserable after being caught in the past few thunderstorms, my spirits are not crushed. I have learned to come back fighting after I feel like I've failed. I've learned that I'm strong than I thought I was.

I'm learning that life is about laughing at yourself and not taking it too seriously! You only get one shot at this, so you better enjoy it!

Umbrella: Target
Dress: Belks
Boots: Mini Boden

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  1. Great post! There is something about fun patterned rain boots that always makes me smile despite the rain.

  2. The umbrella and the boots are so much fun. I love the colours, great way to brighten up a rainy day. And I can so relate to the storms in life, you need to move past and enjoy life, you could get so bogged down with the troubles.

  3. You look completely adorable perfect. Just add an Easter basket and you could march in a parade. :)

  4. you are SO cute!! Love your rain boots! and what an uplifting post too! : )

  5. I am really inspired by your attitude and your words! I've been following you on Twitter (sugarfootspeaks) and have finally made it over to your lovely space on the intranets. ;) Completely encouraged!

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