April 2, 2012

Are YOU a Dreamer? {Join the Community}

If you are reading this, chances you are a dreamer.

I realized early on that community is the best way to live out your dreams. For a long time, I kept them all inside, bottled up, a secret from the world. And do you know where that got me? Nowhere. Then I started sharing my dreams openly like "wouldn't it be cool to have my products on a tv show?" Or what if I could get in a magazine?" or "what if I sold my products to a big department store?" And the more I shared my dreams, the more I discovered something....my friends knew people like tv producers, magazine editors, and buyers at stores.

Don't get me wrong; its never super easy to share some of your biggest dreams. I always think I don't want to share "fill in the blank" because what if I fail, what if I don't make it, what if everyone thinks its a terrible idea. And more times than not, the "what if's" win and my dreams stay tucked away, hidden from the world.

But I love community. Community has encouraged me, inspired me, advised me, comforted me, and pushed me to dream bigger than I ever thought possible. So I'd love to build community right here, right now. I want to know what YOUR dreams are and YOUR gifts + talents + skills. Who knows, maybe your skill set could help launch someone else's dream into motion and perhaps visa versa.

Because I wouldn't ask you to do something I wouldn't do, I'll go first:

Name: Carrie
Blog and Shop: www.chasingbigdreams.com // www.carolinegshop.com
Biggest Dream: Owning a dress line for girls
Gifts + Talents + Skills: being an encourager and cheerleader for others chasing their dreams.

Now its YOUR turn! {Don't worry, we can take leap of faith together!}

Ready, set.....share:



  1. Name: Amy Cornwell
    Blog and Shop: http://amycornwell.blogspot.com || www.amycornwell.com
    Biggest Dream: having to hire full-time staff to keep up with demand
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: positivity, encouragement, integrity, been in business for 9 years

    (love ya!!)

  2. Name: Alissa Circle
    Blog and Shop: http://www.ragstostitchesblog.com // http://ragstostitches.storenvy.com
    Biggest Dream: to speak at blogging conferences about motivating people to write their life stories
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: Positive, loyal, trustworthy, go-getter, loves meeting people and building relationships

  3. I love the new look and building a dream community is a really cool idea.

    Name: Jessica aka Duckie
    Blog: http://frikkenduckie.blogspot.com
    Biggest Dream: To have my own shop, selling jewelry, crafts, and clothing items.
    Gifts/Talents/Skills: Supporting other dreamers.

    ♥ Duckie.


  4. Great idea Carrie!!! This is so inspiring!

    Name: Sherri Ohler
    Blog and Shop: www.thepaintedlife.com www.sdgartistry.com
    Biggest Dream: To travel & speak to large groups of women about Faith, Art & business :)
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: Artistry, Food, making ordinary things beautiful, teaching others from my mistakes! Lol ;)

  5. Name: Katy Hill
    Blog and Shop: www.katyloves.com
    Biggest Dream: To get over my fear of pursuing my dreams. To build a steady, successful music career. Become a professional singer/songwriter, to have (multiple) albums, travel the world sharing music and the passion and talents God has blessed me with.
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: Singing, writing, learning guitar and hoping to learn keyboard soon. Very optimistic, ambitious. I also love encouraging others in their dreams! I'm a big fan of big dreams.

    So..there that is. :)

  6. Name: Megan Reynolds
    Blog and Shop: www.flawedperfectionjewelry.com/blog // www.flawedperfectionjewelry.bigcartel.com
    Biggest Dream: Support myself with my jewelry business and become a small business counselor
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: Being optimistic, providing support and opinions, public speaking, and playing handbells (yes, I'm just that awesome ;)

    1. handbells are awesome & i played them once upon a time!!!

  7. name: caroline hulse
    blog//shop: www.sewcaroline.com
    biggest dream: own my own fabric boutique where women of all ages can spend their time sewing and crafting.
    gifts + talents + skills: being logical, honest, and creative. not stopping until a task is finished!!

    love you!

  8. Name: Mindy
    Blog and Shop: marigoldroad.com, and http://www.etsy.com/shop/marigoldroad
    Biggest Dream: is twofold: to have a website that not only inspires but generates revenue so i can GIVE BACK, and owning my own boutique
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: I am an encourager, Jack of all Trades, communicator, loyal friend, and crafty junkie.

  9. Name: Virginia
    Blog www.geekyandsassy.com
    Biggest Dream: Share my life with women around me to encourage them to take next steps with Jesus - ultimately finding the life God has created them for.
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: encourager, passionate, faithful friend, seamstress and vintage finder.

  10. Name: Alex
    Blog and shop: Storiesofagirl.blogspot.com
    Biggest dream:To become a special education teacher and change lives. Also to make all women feel confident with who they are
    Gifts+Talents+Skills:I am creative, talkative and hardworking and I don't stop until the job is done. I'm also quite crafty ;)

  11. This is awesome :)

    Name: Michelle
    Blog: michellesncheese.blogspot.com
    Biggest dream: to make my living as a published writer/teach people about Jesus and travel the world
    Gifts/talents/skills: Encouragement

  12. This is a great idea!

    Biggest dream: to be "THE" event planner in the Midwest and to bring the organization Wish Upon A Wedding to this area
    Gifts/ Talents/ Skills: Organization, delegation, designing, relaxing people, helping people, getting stuff done, and I'm learning to be more crafty {much needed for my job}

  13. Woot Woot. I'm all in!

    Name: Heather
    Blog: www.rainingsilence.com
    Biggest Dream: Walking and teaching bravely a life of PLAY.
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: Avid journaler. Ready for adventure.

  14. Name: Chelsea
    Blog and Shop: www.littlestitch-shop.com // www.etsy.com/littlestitchshop
    Biggest Dream: To make LittleStitch a full-time, profitable venture.
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: Happy to encourage & support others, stitcher, fast learner

    1. Oops, the blog address is www.littlestitch-shop.blogspot.com !

      Add this to skills: honest mistake-maker (which means lots of learning!)

  15. Name: Jacqui
    Blog and Shop: http://crafteemcgee.com // http://crafteemcgee.etsy.com (soon to be at storeenvy!)
    Biggest Dream: to have my own storefront with a coffee bar, classes, cozy studio space and supplies.
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: hospitality, crafty, honest, creative right brained with a dose of logical, math loving left brain.

  16. Name: catie
    Blog and Shop: www.ctothec.blogspot.com // http://www.etsy.com/shop/SouthwindStudio
    Biggest Dream: working full time from home with a handmade business and ditching the corporate rat race
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: i'm an organized mess. ocd with a whole lot of creative ideas thrown into the mix! super outgoing and completely honest (to a fault!).

  17. Name: Autumn
    Blog and shop: www.thepickledpoppy.com
    Biggest Dream: Open a shop in Asheville where people gather, drink from mason jars and stripey straws, eat cupcakes and create pretty things! I also would like to have a shop that's like a craft fair full of booths but open daily!
    Gifts + talents+ skills : mom! Thrift shop junkie, stitcher, lover of pretty things, wanna be baker, teacher.

  18. LOVE this Carrie! : )

    Name: Brandi {Alexis June Creative}
    Blog and shop: www.alexisjune.com
    Biggest Dream: Launch a stationery line for Bloomingdales or SAKS and publish a photography book
    Gifts + talents+ skills : Graphic Designer + Photographer

  19. Name: Alia Joy
    Blog: http://narrowpathstohigherplaces.com
    Biggest Dream: To be a Compassion Intl blogger, to publish a book, to be a speaker to encourage women towards miraculous grace from God
    Gifts+talents+skills: encourager, extremely loyal, authentic, teacher, good at seeing others skills+gifts+talents

  20. I would love to open a specialty fabric and paper store in my little town. If I knew that I could do it and not fail, I'd start ASAP!!! :)

  21. Love, love, love this. I so need community to push me. I also love being an encourager. Great idea!

    Name: Christa
    Blog and Shop: http://sugarfoodspeaks.blogspot.com http://oradale.etsy.com (almost ready to open!)
    Biggest Dream: I don't think I've spoken this out loud, except once or twice. To own and run a local handmade boutique. It would also be a place for crafters and artists to gather. Guess some refreshments might be nice too. I also want to run a successful Etsy shop and one day teach yoga.
    Gifts+talents+skills: crocheter, color coordinator, real, genuinely happy and positive them majority of the time, love deeply, full of ideas

    1. Yikes, better get my own url right! http://sugarfootspeaks.blogspot.com

  22. What a grand idea, Carrie. Kudos to you!

    Name: Annette
    Blog and Shop: http://wedditalia.wordpress.com // www.wedditalia.eu
    Biggest Dreams (muliple!): Run a well-known destination wedding planning company, able to help any bride despite of her budget. Create a network of vendors who, like I, believe in "never settle for second-best". Get the profession of the wedding coordinator recognized as a profession with its own set of rules and privileges. Teach. Give back to the wedding community. Write a book.
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: Optimist. See connections where there should be none. Sincere. Not envious. Listener. Deep. Lover of Life.

    Eager to make new connections! Happy Easter to all of you!

    (PS. I tried to post as wedditalia, but absolutely NO CHANCE... So you'll have to do with my Italian account :-))

  23. Name: Aneta
    Blog: http://stitchinnetka.blogspot.com/
    Biggest Dream: to have photography business and a community store/ center filled with handmade goods, where kids and grownups alike can take a class and learn crafting, sewing, knitting etc., store where you can ever buy or trade handmade creations.
    Gifts+talents+skills: handy woman :), I love making and creating: baking,cooking, sewing, knitting, crocheting, photography,gardening, teaching kids the art of handmade , hard worker, big dreamer, optimist, honest, highly motivated.

    I love reading and meeting all this fantastic dreamers and doers !:) HAppy Spring, it's a prefect time to plant your dreams !

  24. Name: Betty Bake
    Blog and Shop: www.bettybake.co.za // No shop
    Biggest Dream: being Paid to blog, create, photograph in my own style
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: being creative and loving life

  25. Name: Lindsay
    Blog and Shop: www.easymadeinvitations.com // www.easymadeinvitations.etsy.com
    Biggest Dream: to sell my custom invitations in boutiques all over the country and continue to teach my blog followers how to create their own beautiful invitations at home.
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: Invitation Designer, Interior Designer, Mom, Wife, Daughter and lover of all things beautiful! Also, optimist...my glass is always half full!

  26. Name: Rosie
    Blog: http://craftbotics.blogspot.com
    Biggest Dream: to speak fluent German and live and work in Germany. Ideally, I would have a cafe, or a cafe/bookshop/craft studio/venue for poetry and music...
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: Randomness, optimisim, creativity, extremely friendly, travelling, crafts....trying new things! (Oh and anything literary or teaching...that's my main profession!)

  27. Name: Nicole
    Blog: http://simplycreatedbycole.blogspot.com/
    Biggest Dream: To be a blog/book author. Sharing Hope & Grace with women to encourage their hearts no matter their life stage, and write children's books.
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: Encourager, listener, words, teaching (I'm a grade school teacher), Teaching Reading skills to others, Highly organized, love to laugh, travel, love connecting with and meeting new people, dream big, serving others, gardening, baking.

  28. Name: Jenn
    Blog and Shop: www.creativelycrafyjenn.blogspot.com
    Biggest Dream: Owning my own handmade shop and being a photographer
    Gifts + Talents + Skills: optimism. learner. encourager. meeting new friends. writing. drawing. crochet. dreamer