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May 21, 2012

A Day of Kindness

A Day of Kindness is something that has been stirring in my heart for awhile now. I launched the dream project a few months ago, and have been blown away by the notes y'all are leaving and the stories of changed hearts that you are sharing. The dream project is about offering up bits of love and encouragement to others, and making the world a little kinder along the way. 

On June 4th, I am launching a day of kindness and would love for YOU to join in. The good news is this; it won't cost you anything and its super easy. 

What is all about: "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" -Aesoy. On June 4th, we will come together to spread kindness to family, friends, neighbors, teachers, and strangers. I believe that there is something powerful when we use our voices together for good.

Who can be involved: You. anyone and everyone. seriously.

When will it be: All day on June 4th. I'm sure some people are wondering why not sooner, so I'll go ahead and answer that question. I would love to spread the news {as well as have you do the same} so that as many people who want to join in, know about it. This way we can all join forces together and use our voices for good.

Why: A favorite quote of mine is: "if your heart is full of love, then you always have something to give." I feel like kindness is a free gift that we should be giving away to others on a daily basis. This will just be a day that we all do it together and use our voices to shout kindness from our rooftops.

How does one participate: A day of kindness will be similar to the dream project, where people wrote little notes of encouragement, put at the bottom, and posted them on mirrors, cars, doors, books, etc. So on June 4th, write a note, include the link on the bottom so that we can build a community of kindness right here, and post for a stranger to see. Please note: you can do more than write a note. There are a million and two ways to offer up kindness to another. Here are a few examples: take your neighbors trash bin to the curb, bring a co-worker flowers, help someone cross the street, etc.

Sharing the stories: I believe that encouragement is beyond powerful; it breathes words of life back into our souls. If you post something on June 4th, snap a picture of it and email us. You can also tweet the pictures and/or share your stories. Tag @bigdreamquotes and use the hashtag #bekind that day so we can follow along with all the kindness.

side note: the website ( is currently down as the hosting site is making some corrections to it. fear not, it'll be up and running soon!


  1. What a lovely idea!!


  2. I love this idea!!! Definitely joining in on this :) beautiful ideal!

  3. Sad it's exam day for us but I'll be writing individual notes to my students anyhow. I'll remember kindness then. :). Some are following your blog now so I hope they will take it upon themselves.