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June 26, 2012

God Bless the Broken Road

A little over a year ago, I made a fairly big life decision, and left my job as a teacher in order to follow my dreams. It has been a whirlwind of adventures, learning, and growing. The past year has been one of the hardest and most challenges ones I've experienced thus far. I have learned so much more about myself, others, and the world in these past months.

I went from a world of teaching preschool which involved singing songs, wiping snotty noses, and referring to the bathroom as the potty. And entered a world of html-coding, linky parties, and social media to no end. Not to mention, my eyes and heart were open to a beautiful community that I've encountered here on the internet.

I've packed up my suitcase and gotten on more planes that I ever thought I could bare. I've learned to find courage, and it has lead me to some incredible places. I've met some of the most inspirational people who encourage me daily.

There are times where I've had to close my eyes and just leap and have faith on the way down.

I've learned to get back up after every failure, and have discovered that you truly are stronger when you come back fighting for what you believe in and your dreams.

top: loft
pants: target
shoes: toms
photos: c/o chaotic beauty

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  1. i've been thinking about you/this whole leap of faith you took lately. you are an inspiration, lady! i think i'm finally going to open up my etsy store. we might need to have a serious coffee date soon so i can soak up your knowledge. :-) loves.

  2. Wow! It really is so important to follow your dreams! I love this post and your cute outfit! I need those pink pants NOW!!

  3. I love your pink jeans! I really want a pair!

  4. Your pink jeans are great! I wish I could get up the confidence to try a pair. Aren't the TOMS wedges the best. I have the same pair in gray.


  5. I love this post! I just stopped by from WIWW. As a new blogger that feels completely overwhelmed and afraid to fail your words inspire me! And... your pink jeans are fabulous! I'm now a follower!

  6. totally love vintage suitcases! you're adorable :)

  7. That's amazing. Such inspiration. And such a cute outfit! Love the pants.

  8. I love your pink jeans, the whole outfit is very cute.

  9. Love your pink jeans!
    Good for you on following your dreams. Hope your future is as bright as your dreams! ;)

  10. I'm am totally lusting over your pink jeans, and incredibly inspired by your decision to follow your dreams. So glad to have found your blog today and looking forward to reading more!

    Pink Chai Style

  11. Yeah! Love these photos! Cute outfit! Fun suitcases! And love to know that you are chasing your dreams! :) Go get em girl!!!