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August 17, 2012

5 Things to be Happy About

I'm slowly but surely getting back to my old happy little self! Whatever virus and/or sickness I had almost all summer has seriously wiped me out. But fear not, I'm coming back fighting! This past week had some low lows and some high highs but thankfully its almost over!

1. I got to spend a whole week at the beach with my family. It was so great to soak up all the sunshine and relax. I read some really great inspiration books while I was there and came back very encouraged.

2. My cat got very sick and was literally dying from lack of eating and drinking. But thankfully, she is making quite the comeback and will seemingly be around for a little longer!

3. I introduced a new fun product into my shop! I love these bubble earrings; so fun and happy!

4. I attended a blog meet up called TriFabb; which was amazing. I'm fairly positive that one of the hosts and I are long lost bloggy bffs. 

5. Kate and Lauren were there; so it was great to see similar smiling faces! Not to mention, they are seriously some of the most fashionable women I've ever met!


  1. What a great week! I would love to spend a week at the beach even though I don't love it :) It would just be nice to get away! And I'm trying not to be jealous you went to TRIFabb...I'm dying to meet so many of those bloggers!

  2. Sorry to hear you were under the weather but happy to hear you're on the mend. Don't think we got a chance to talk at the meet up but hopefully at the next one! Happy Friday!

  3. yay! what an awesome week, carrie! i still am so pumped to have met you and i'm so blessed by you already! can't wait to hang more, girl <3