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March 1, 2013

5 Things to be Happy About

1. I have recently fallen in a love with a store nearby called Carolina Pottery. They sell all sorts of home goods and furinture. I found a really cute pink and green set and wished I had a deck big enough to put them on! I also stumbled across a ton of pink and green ribbon. I was in heaven to say the least.

2. I just recently added some mini bows to my shop. My model ended up looking very "Rachel Berry" in the photos, which I loved.

3. I'm in the processing of writing cards back to everyone who sent them to my PO box. Your words warmed my heart to no end!

4. Kate and I have recently made a weekly habit of meeting up at Panera. We are starting to run into the same people because we are there so much. ;) She took a picture of herself on my camera while I was getting food, so of course I put it on instagram.

5. Sweet potato waffle fries are amazing and then some.


  1. 1. Love Carolina Pottery too! SO MUCH STUFF!
    2. Your pink & green combo is possibly the happiest combo ever.
    3. You need to be on the Ellen show because you are kind just like her.
    4. I LOVE KATE. And you.
    5. Have you had the sweet potato fries at Tribeca Tavern?? Yum.

    Happy Friday!

    My Polished Side Blog

  2. I can just picture your excited reaction to all that pink and green! :)

  3. Your model is TOO CUTE! I wish my daughter was interested in bows :( Sweet potato fries are the bees knees...I can only imagine the waffle variety are off the chain too. :)

  4. LOOOOVVVVVEEE that furniture set!!! If that doesn't put you in the mood for warm weather, nothing will.

  5. That ribbon and those notes are darling. Check out my friday faves for the week :


  6. Those fries are looking good!
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. I love that store! I used to teach in Selma, so every now and then I'd stop by. I got some great pillows for my living room there. Enjoy it for me!!!

  8. There is a Carolina Pottery right down the road from my house! LOVE IT!! :)

  9. So I never heard of Carolina Pottery before and we recently moved to the Triad... guess where I'm suckering my hubby into going this weekend?

  10. love the pink and green!
    Those fries look amazing- Sonic has sweet potato tots right now and I really want to get them. Mmmm