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April 12, 2013

5 Things to be Happy About

 1. The weather finally decided to warm up around here! I popped on a romper the other day and decided I actually liked them. I may invest in a few more this summer!

2. I've recently started snacking all the time instead of eating big meals. I love fruit especially as we head into the summertime.

3. I just moved across time and finally got my life more organized. My girl, Lauren, helped me get rid of about 200 pieces of clothing. It was absolutely ridiculous how much I owned, so thankfully she helped me purge a lot!

4. Lauren and Kate came over to my house for an evening. They were buck wild and silly as can be.

 We went out for ice cream afterwards because who can say no to ice cream. Clearly, not me.

5. I went out to Starbucks last night to meet up with someone. It was funny because we were sitting next to a 17 year girl who kept trying to get my attention while I was in the middle of chatting. As we were leaving, she stopped me to tell me that she thought I was drop dead gorgeous. It was really random, but incredibly sweet. It reminded me of all the reasons why we need to be extra kind to one another!


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  2. Love these pictures. I can't believe you were able to get rid of over 200 pieces. You're inspiring me to do some spring cleaning. :)

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  3. Happy Friday! That ice cream looks so yummy. check out my friday faves here:


  4. I need to purge my closet too. That ice cream looks yummy! Popping over from Life Rearranged.