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April 17, 2013

Goodbye 26

In two short days, I'll be turning 27, so I've been doing a lot of reflection back on the past year of my life. I think both 25 and 26 were incredibly great years for me. They were filled with adventures and risk taking. They taught me a lot about myself, grew me, strengthened me, and gave me such great blessings.

It was the year that I realized dreams can come true.

It taught me that its okay to fail and that getting back up will only make you stronger.

It reaffirmed that any chance you get, choose joy.

I learned that its okay to ask for help.

It reminded me that being true to yourself is always best practice.

I learned to laugh at myself and all the mistakes I've made along the way.

It's brought people into my life who have taught me the kindness of strangers, and its taught me that there is always room for more; kindness, grace, love, and hope.

It's made me realize that true friends are rare but an absolute treasure to the heart.

I think turning 27 will be a bit bitter sweet for me after this amazingly great past year. However, I'm looking forward to new memories, adventures, trials and errors, and more chasing dreams to come!


  1. omg stu is so blonde! Happy early birthday Care Bear!

  2. Happy Birthday girl! The best is yet to come! = )

  3. Happy Birthday! :)

  4. Happy Birthday! Enjoy 27 it was a great year for me!

  5. I just found your blog via Lauren's. Happy Birthday!! I'm a "Cari" too :) Enjoy your day! I'm a whole 9 years older ;)

  6. Excellent Carrie, nice post. I found it while searching "being true to yourself" because no matter now much I grow (I'm now 38), no matter how much I fall & get back up, stronger than before (it's so true!), I find we need to be reminded of these basics that are not only important for us to continue to respect ourselves, but really do bring us closer to the truth of ourselves, but also closer to those rare but oh so beautifully special true friends.
    I love this line of yours: "there is always room for more; kindness, grace, love, and hope." I haven't seen this said in such a direct, brief, yet perfectly poignant way.
    All the best to you!