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April 18, 2013

5 Things to be Happy About

1. Tomorrow is my 27th birthday! It's a little different because I'll be in Salt Lake City for  the Snap Conference. A few years ago, I barely spent anytime online and now my whole life has shifted. I feel so blessed to be in such a great community! It has been life changing and life giving to me.

2. Kate and I had a good heart-to-heart. It reminded me how thankful for a friend who can speak truth into my life but do it in such a loving manner. She keeps it real and then some! And a little ice cream never hurt anyone, right?!

3. I got an early birthday present of a mani and pedi and decided that I wanted some bright pink nails before I headed off to Snap. It was a good way to relax prior to jumping on a plane, which I strongly dislike.

4. Facing fears is not a speciality of mine, maybe not yours either. I absolutely dislike flying for a number of reasons, and always dread the taking trips. But I'm thankful that my business has taken me to new places and experiences and allowed me to continue to face my fears.

5. This is my new life motto. It's simple, yet very to the point.


  1. I love your new life motto! I've yet to try Burger-Fi's milkshakes but those look yummy! I saw they built one in Cary off Harrison. Have fun at the conference. I'm glad to hear that your business is stretching you and forcing you out of your comfort zones. That's how we grow! Be blessed, Kristin

  2. Happy Birthday! Good luck with flying! I always thought it was fun, but I understand your hesitations. Great motto!

  3. Perfect life motto. Def something to live by!

  4. So fun to spend your birthday at SNAP!!!!!!!!

  5. your adorable! and have sooo much fun at SNAP:)

  6. I found your blog through Lauren's H54F. Happy birthday and have a great time at SNAP!


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