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March 30, 2013


I just recently discovered a website that I am absolutely in love with. I'm fairly positive I'm the last person to have stumbled across it as it seems that most of my friends already knew about it! This wonderful company called, Minted, is a community of independent designers who create wedding invitations, prints, decor, and so much more. I have a few friends getting married in the next few months, so I've sent them to the wedding invitation page, and it really couldn't be any cuter!

The designers have such a good idea for detail which I love. You can find bright bold colors as well as beautiful drawings and designs.

I'm such a sucker for bright colors that I could spent hours and hours on their website. Not only do they have an eye for amazing wedding invitations, but they also have beautiful quotes to hang on the walls of your home. I have my eye on a few pieces that I'm hoping to snatch up in the next few months. I'm pretty sure this one was meant to hang in my office space:

If you haven't checked out their site yet, I suggest you hurry up and do so because you are missing out!

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