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April 2, 2013

Always Be Kinder Than Necessary

I think sometimes life is a lot messier for other people than we realize. Its so easy to overestimate our own pain and suffering and underestimate the hurting of others. I think we tend to assume that behind others’ beautiful home, happy children, and smiling faces that everything is a-okay. It’s so easy to instagram a picture perfect life even if behind the camera it is falling to pieces.

March was a messy month for me. It was full of changes, plane rides which I hated, sickness, sleepless nights, post office disasters, etc. I really could go on, but thankfully its April and its behind me. But it made me realize a lot! A few weeks ago, I sat across the table of my sweet friend Kate, and I was a wreck. I mean an absolute wreck, and it was not pretty at all. The kind of not pretty that you keep for your home, not the middle of Panera. Luckily, she extended me a lot of kindness and grace. I know she wanted to shake me and tell me to pull it together. But instead she told me to go out and love on others. She told me to do that because she knows me well enough to know my heart. I tend to be at my best when I’m love on others. Somewhere in the midst of the mess, the heartache, the changes, I lost sight of others’ hurting. I forgot that we are all struggling with something in one way or another.

The reality is that we need each other. Behind the beautiful homes, the pinterest meals, and the fancy outfits; there is hurting. And the truth is we need to offer more grace and kindness than judgement and jealousy. I wonder what it would look like if we offered kindness up at every opportunity we got. The person who cuts you off in traffic most likely needs more grace instead of your middle finger or any unnecessary word choices you may want to send their way.

Your kind words might be just what someone needs to make it through the day. You may never know what someone is going through so always, always, always be kinder than necessary.

Who will you bless today?


  1. I needed this more than ever today. Thank-you :)

  2. Great post! Something we should all remember daily.


  3. Beautiful post, I love discovering inspirational messages like this one.

  4. So this! Inspiration for the day!

  5. Amazing-and so true! I recently listened to a sermon like this for Easter-Grace like God. Such a wonderful reminder!


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