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April 9, 2013

Do You Need More Than 140 Characters?

I few months ago I came up with this idea that I'd share my PO box with y'all and suggested that we become pen pals. This idea did a number on my heart and wrecked me in the best possible way. Your words were dripping off the pages with kindness, touched my heart in ways I can't even begin to describe, and it opened my eyes to some things.

Sometimes I wonder in a world of instant connections if we are really connecting. It is so easy for me to get on twitter and send a quick instant messages to others. Don't get me wrong, I love twitter. I mean I've tweeted over 11,000 times! It's probably one of my favorite social media because its such a quick way to send a short message to someone. I've made great connections with others, introduced myself to new people, and started collaborations all thanks to twitter. But a part of me wonders what the weight of 140 characters really is.

I know that we were made to be in community and in an ever evolving world, the idea of what community looks likes is radically changing. My idea of what a neighbor used to be us now evolving to having neighbors that span across the US. But I don't know if our hearts were wired for 140 characters across a screen. There is something to be said about going to the mailbox and having a handwritten note waiting for you. When I was a little girl, I used to run to my mailbox and paw through the mail hoping to have a letter or just a piece of mail with my name on it. My dad used to always tell me that I'd have to write some letters in order to get some letters.

I've been thinking a lot about connections online and how they make me really feel. Some days I notice that the more I connect online the more disconnected I end up feeling. So I decided to do something about it! I wrote a blog post last week were I urged people to be a little kinder because you never know what someone is doing through. I had a bunch of emails come in with people sharing stories of how the kindness of strangers touched their hearts. Instead of saying lets be pen pals again, this time around I'm going to write a card to anyone who needs it. Life is so unbelievably fragile, and sometimes we need to open our mailbox, and find a little bit of love tucked in between all the bills and catalogs.

It's really just this simple:

Send me an email: {chasingbigdreams AT}
include your address (don't worry, I won't share it!) and any other things going on in your life if you want to share those as well.

.....and then check your mailbox because I'll send you a note :)


  1. Caroline, I absolutely LOVE this! What a wonderful idea! Sending letters is such a lost art--I grew up having pen pals and still enjoy sending (and of course receiving!) cards and letters. I send my niece and nephew cards and little fun packages every Valentines and Halloween in hopes that I can instill that love and appreciation of "snail mail" in them. I'll probably be sending a "thank you" to your P.O. Box so be on the lookout :)

  2. I love getting and sending letters! It's so personal, and you can't beat the feeling you get from making someone feel loved!

  3. This idea is lovely! There is something so genuine about a hand written note. You've inspired me to get out my box of stationary that I keep saving because "wouldn't it be so nice to..." and actually use it!